There are screams that exist in my wordless silence
There are tears that are unseen
There was a hand that was outreaching into a cold emptiness
In the wake of a fire there are ashes
Dreams that had no more wood to feed it
Lacking fuel or oxygen a raging fire dwindles down to nothing more then ambers
I listen to the silence ringing in my head
Sometimes it can be healing
Most of the time it’s over extended and is like clamps on the main arteries
Sometimes it’s like swimming in a vast ocean, yet your the only living creature
Other times a 10×10 cell with one dirty window to gaze out through
There are brief moments when you can feel a slight breeze
The wind kissing your lips or caressing your hair
Usually it’s met with a tear running down my cheek
Gazing up at the stars and the vastness of our universe
Only to be rudely reminded
This is a one man show
With no one in attendance
Maybe the first week you still give it your all
By the end of the month your no longer going out on stage

(C) Jack Roman