Every night I cry
Thinking of the Man I could have been
Playing out the what ifs in my head
Every night the vastness of my imagination clashes
with some old limited believe
The endless reaches of the creative mind
The long road taken to get to this point
Only reaching 10% of my potential
The endless summer nights spend as a child and young adult
Listening at the window to the world outside
Wondering and Yearning
Scared if I will over come
Or if this bleek lacking social life is all there is for me.
Only here to create and inspire
All the while feeling like a large hollow tree
Appearing larger then I really am
Tricking myself each day with my passion for my art
More then ½ my time spent struggling thru my fear
Breathing it in
Being Born of Warrior Spirit
I seek to over come
Time has shown that integrating and allowing are equally important steps