The curtain raises in a show I was unaware of I played a lead role
The curtain is a beautiful and ornately designed on the outside
Behind the curtain is steel gate that raises in unison
On the stage inside a glass jar is my heart
I was touched
for a few moments time around me stopped
the world grayed out and fell away
With out moving we walked thru a porthole onto some other plane
It was like going from Black & White to seeing color for the first time
I only meant to hug you
Its like lighting a fuse thinking I was lighting a firecracker and what I ended up with was a full blown NYC 4th of july fire works show
How did this happen?
In those short moments layers were shed away leaving pure essence left
In those moments I told you so much with out speaking
In those moments I cried
In those moments I saw an oasis
A lush, exotic and rich oasis with the most intimate of treasures
Treasures of the heart & soul
It felt so good to lay my eyes upon such a sight
Tears running down my cheek
Having all of the infinite universe with in arms reach
My body collapses
Falling to my knees trying to comprehend the gift of this moment
Watching as the Curtain in the theater raised only to see my heart
Sitting on top a pedestal in a glass container
One spot-light shining down on a blackened stage
How beautiful you are
How grateful I am that you walked down the rabbit hole with me
That you opened yourself to me
Speechless from the experience
Walking home I feel the echo of that moment