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Jack Roman was born and raised on Long Island, NY. He currently resides in Far Rockaway, Queens, but most of his family still lives in Spain. His grandfather came to the USA to escape persecution from the Dictator Franco to fight in WWII for the United States.

Jack got into photography at a young age. His Father, having taken thousands of pictures of him and his sister as kids, allowed him to have direct access to cameras.

He is self-taught from a lot of trial and error as well as the aid of his Uncle and other photographers.  He has a self-described “very dynamic range of light and dark energy” in his personality.

Jack has a unique way of seeing things. He takes great joy in documenting moments with his camera, telling stories and using images to convey emotion. Whether it’s photographing an event, taking portraits, or shooting images to promote a service, product, or company. Jack is there “Roman” around with camera, enjoying the interactions with others while capturing and creating!

Creative expression has always been a driving force in his life, and pursuing art has always been a great passion for Jack.  Photography, abstract color pencil drawings, clay, poetry, and lighted wall sculptures are some of the mediums he uses. Jack is always seeking ways to create.  Music, movies, & dancing are a big part of what inspires him.


hi!! those photos are amazing! so unique. I cannot begin to tell you how thrilled darryl & I were to have you as our photographer – we were so clueless and overwhelmed by this whole process but you really jived so well with us :-)

I felt like every moment that I would have possibly wanted a pic, you were there snapping away. It was such a relief to have a down to earth, yet creative & fun person to work with on such a hectic day!! thanks a million & we’ll be in touch



I had the pleasure of working with Jack Roman a few times. Each and every time he reminds me of what a true photographer is and how he incorporates artistry into his work. Jack captures each and every one of his shots with extreme thought and emphasis on what is appealing to the eye. He knows exactly what angles to catch movements in and what poses look appealing to showcase the ultimate best shots.

Jack is critical and honest while shooting together to ensure every single shot is a keeper. Along with this, he is very thorough on the environment he chooses to shoot in along with the specific lighting he uses in order to ensure that your photos look the absolute best they can, incorporating each and every factor and detail that would make a difference into his shoots.

It was so nice to work with a photographer who knew how to capture portraits so incredibly well and who has so much experience in the photography field. He was professional and a lot of fun to work with and his expertise showed in the end result photos that were sent to me. The shots were INCREDIBLE and I give Jack 10+ stars if I could. Thank You for everything.

Brianna E.

It was such a great experience working with you Jack Roman.
I believe a soundsystem makes the vibe of the shoot. Your speakers are out of this world and the energy was high, up beat and pleasant to be around.
I appreciate that we got to work together and hope that we get to collaborate again soon.
Thank you for capturing beautiful images and fully confident in your craft.
With love and light,


Jack! Just saw the rest of my pics! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAmazing! Thanks so much again! You are so talented!

Ana-Mari Leoce

What a great experiencing shooting with Jack. I had a general idea of what I wanted. He took it into consideration and thanks to his artistic perspective created wonderful and unexpected results. Love the photos.

Laura Babb

Dear, Jack
We wanted to thank you for the beautiful and artistic photos you took at our wedding. We are so happy with how the proofs came out and you are largely to thank. You were great to work with and we were thrilled you were part of our wedding day.

Mina & Walton

Jack…just got the pics …..AMAZING….u might have taken better pics than my photographer….Thank you again SOOOO MUCH!

Pierra Caiozzo

The pictures look great Jack! Your amazing at what you do and everyone is giving us great feedback. You rock!

Melissa McGee

Jack is more than a photographer, he is a true artist. I had the pleasure of working with him on a shoot for my dance and yoga portfolio. He works with an artists eye and manages to capture the pure essence and mood of the moment with each click. I have used the photos for business cards, website and promotional use. I am constantly wowed by them and people who see his work are amazed. I look forward to booking another shoot with Jack very soon!

Erica Joan

Professional, patient & searches for the perfect SHOT !
My pics speak for themselves.
Thank you, Jack

Haya Shabtai

Having Jack Roman as your photographer is like having DaVinci as your painter. You can’t get any better. Jack has a laid back personality with the professionalism and creativeness that makes him an excellent photographer. He’s friendly and approachable, smart and conscientious, and has a eye for what works. His equipment is top notch, and his photographs match. I am not a model by any means, but Jack knows how to make me look like one. Excellent work Jack. Thanks!


Shooting with Jack was a great experience. He works great with your ideas and adds his own little touch to each shot. I’d definately work with him again.

Daniel Adam Fakih

Jack Roman is a true artist…he has the uncanny ability to capture a moment through the lens and turn it into a masterpiece. I had so many complements on his photos of me….great work.

Ken Swartz